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Hardwood floors offer a richness and quality that man-made materials cannot duplicate. Hardwood floors last longer than any other floor option, and fill a room with a regal elegance. There are so many options from which to choose. Engineered or solid varieties are available. The product comes unfinished or prefinished. Installation is done either with flat finish boards or click-and-lock pieces. At one time, installing hardwood floors was a cumbersome task. Today many hardwood products have the click and lock design that makes installation much simpler.

There are some factors that determine the hardwood floor that is best for your home. Your existing or planned décor and furnishings dictate the choice. Basic options include engineered or solid wood. Solid, thick planks of wood are usually what pop into the mind when the word ‘hardwood' is mentioned. Engineered hardwood should be taken into consideration. It is made of a plywood core that has a veneer layer glued to the top. The construction of engineered wood deals with moisture a little bit better than solid wood. Concrete subfloors are better covered by engineered hardwood. The floor construction also dictates the kind of wood to use.
The installation of hardwood floors in a basement is different from that of a second story floor. Space below ground level is called below grade. Ground level is referred to as on grade. Any floor above that is called above grade. Where installation takes place limits the recommended options. Solid wood should not be installed below grade, because moisture from the ground can be problematic.

The kind of subfloor also helps determine the type of hardwood to be installed. Particle board, plywood, and concrete slabs are the most common types of subfloors. Concrete slabs are limited to engineered hardwood. That restriction is no cause for disappointment. Engineered hardwood is available in any wood. Higher-end engineered hardwood is no less in price or performance than solid woods.

The most common and most versatile subfloor is plywood. Solid hardwood can be nailed to plywood, or engineered click and lock can be installed. It should be noted; soft plywood subfloors will allow dings on engineered hardwood, even the hardest woods like hard maple and Brazilian cherry. Particle board was a subfloor commonly used under carpet. It should be replaced with plywood. Then, solid or engineered hardwood can be installed.

The Carpet Company & Tile provides customers from Lake and Geauga Counties, Cleveland, Gates Mills, Chesterland, and surrounding areas with the type of hardwood best suited to their needs. A wide selection of both solid and engineered hardwood is available.


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