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Flooring manufacturers produce tile in a variety of materials. They include quartz, terrazzo, metal, stone, and clay. Each type has its defining characteristics. Natural stone and ceramic are the most commonly used.
Ceramic Tile
Clay materials are quarried, prepared, and formed in a mold to produce ceramic tile. Slush, extruded, and dry press molds are used. The dry pressing method involves a dry material mixture being pressed under extreme pressure. The mixture is slightly wet when extruded ceramic tile is made. A very wet mixture is poured into a mold and hardened in a kiln when using the slush mold method.
Porcelain and Non-Porcelain Tile
Ceramic tile is classified as porcelain or non-porcelain. Traditional ceramic tile is made of various colors of clay and other minerals. It is non-porcelain. Porcelain clay starts out with the same materials, but it contains 50 percent of feldspar. Feldspar is a white sand or dust. It melts into a glass-like material in the kiln-drying process. The melted material bonds all the molded ingredients. Variety can be created with minor modifications to ceramic tile ingredients or the type of kiln used.

Porcelain and non-porcelain ceramic tile come in glazed and unglazed varieties. Glazed tiles are available in high-gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finishes. Glazed tiles have more traction, scratch resistance, and stain resistance. They also have less water absorption.

Non-porcelain ceramic tile ranks in the most economical type of flooring. It is less expensive than porcelain and easier to work with. It is not as durable or naturally stain resistant. Non-porcelain is more moisture absorbent and does not have the through-bodied color of porcelain tile.
Natural Stone Tile
Granite, marble, limestone, travertine, and slate are types of natural stone tile. Natural, honed, or polished are the three common finishes of natural stone tile. Natural surfaces have visible pitting and texture characteristics. Honed surfaces have a matte finish that is great for wet areas and heavy traffic. Polished tile is a highly reflective mirror-like finish. This surface is nearly impervious.

Customers from Cleveland, Chesterland, Gates Mills, Geauga and Lake Counties, and the surrounding area choose tile from The Carpet Company & Tile based upon their choice of material and its application. The Carpet Company & Tile carries ceramic, porcelain, marble, and natural stone tile.


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